Member Benefits

A Smart Investment       

Joining the Chamber of Commerce is smart investment! The Chamber provides members:

  • The opportunity to grow their business through networking and exposure to other businesses and the general public.

  • The ability to reinvest back in the community to help the area remain vibrant and prosper.

  • The information they need to know about what is going on in the community and the Chamber.

Aside from the direct benefits for many businesses, members realize that their own prosperity in some way is dependent on the development of a prosperous community. 

Creating opportunities for members to generate business

The Chamber offers members many fantastic ways to network with other businesses and to effectively promote themselves.

Monthly Networking Events: Breakfast and After Hours Programs provide members the opportunity to network with each other to develop new business contacts.

Showcase & Taste of Plymouth: In May of each year the Chamber holds a business expo featuring over 80 exhibitors and 15 restaurants.  The event attracts about 600 attendees and is a lively community celebration.

Golf Outing and Auction: These two highly attended events serve as theChamber’s major fundraising events each year attracting business and community leaders.

Display Material in Visitors Center: Members can display information in the Chamber’s Visitors Center that attracts thousands of local residents and visitors each year.

Referrals: The Chamber provides hundreds for referrals each year to callers inquiring about where to find local services or products. 

Membership Directory Listing: Members are listed in our community directory by type of business and alphabetically.  Thousands of copies of this book are distributed to members, local residents, visitors and many others.

Online Business Listing: Members have a listing on our website that can be searched by business category or by company name.  The listing also includes contact information and a link to the member’s web site.

Ribbon Cuttings: For new businesses the Chamber will cut the ribbon on their grand opening or expansion.  The Chamber can coordinate inviting public officials, alerting the media and even inviting the local business community to attend.  Pictures from the ribbon cuttings will also be posted on our website and in the monthly newsletter with a description of the company.

New Member Orientation: Once a quarter the Chamber hosts a new member orientation that provides members information on how to best utilize their membership and to network with other members. 

Membership Decal: Some people see the membership decal as meaning you're one of the "good businesses in town" or a leading business in the community. People always have a sense of reassurance and confidence when they see your business belongs to the local Chamber of Commerce.

Marketing Lists: New members can receive a list of member addresses when first joining to do a promotional mailing.

Advertising and Sponsorship: There are multiple opportunities to showcase your business to other members and the community through events, sponsorships and publication advertising.


Promoting Anytown to attract visitors, residents and businesses

An essential part of the Chamber’s mission is to promote the community and create economic vitality in Anytown. 

Web Site: As one of the primary portals to our community the Chamber’s site provides valuable information to potential new residents, visitors and companies considering relocating to the area.  The site also provides visitors an online directory of our membership

Maps: The Chamber creates a map of Anytown every two years that is distributed to thousands of people.

Visitors Center: In the heart of downtown, the Chamber’s office serves as welcome center to visitors and residents full of information about our members and the community.

Promotional Material: The Chamber produces promotional materials that make our community come alive for visitors, potential new residents and new business prospects.

Support of local festivals and events: The Chamber is an active participant in supporting and hosting local events that attract hundreds of thousands of people to the community each year.  The Chamber believes these events contribute to our outstanding quality of life and helps create the sense of community that permeates through Anytown.

Publicity and Promotion: The Chamber serves the role of publicizing the community through partnerships with organizations from around the state and Metro Big City.  In addition, we work with media to promote the community.


Keeping Members in the Know

Members receive relevant information about the Chamber and the community on a frequent and timely basis.

Chamber E-News:  A weekly email newsletter that keeps members up-to-date on chamber activities and provides interesting and useful community information.

Newsletter: Provides in depth information on Chamber initiatives and activities along with a calendar of upcoming community and Chamber events.

E-invitations: Members receive invitations to upcoming events that they can easily reply to for registration. 

Member Alerts: As important information becomes available immediately affecting the business community members will receive an email alert.

Create forums for members to share ideas and build partnerships: These forums provide the opportunity for businesses to discuss important issues, take a collective action and disseminate information to the general membership.


Special Group Programs for Members

Health Insurance: The Chamber offers members the opportunity to get health insurance through a group program that provides better coverage than many small businesses can find on their own.

Discounted Office Supplies: Members have the opportunity to purchase office supplies that are up to 80% discounted from The Office Store group purchasing program. 

For more information on these programs, please call the Chamber at (123) 456-7890 or Apply Online!